il muro dei muri

muro dei muri (from a Liam Davidson's performance)


elaborazione digitale/graphic elaboration

video 7 min c.a.


I did this video for a reading in which the italian writer Carmine Abate showed one of his novel “Il Muro dei muri” (the wall of the walls). A novel about the racism among young people in Germany after the falling of the wall... I chose, as track for my graphic elaboration, a Liam Davidson’s performance where a woman was touching her head and body. I thought at this woman as an icon of the city that protects herself from the bad influence of the racism and discrimination. She covers her ears in order not to listen, she adjusts her hair to appear nice and fair... she touches her arms to prove herself that she is still keen and strong... and so on... The narrative speech of the novel (read during the projection) has been lost in the confusion of the superimposed words and only some of those are comprehensible among the others... This is to give us the sensation that one has when he is among a foreign crowd and cannot understand almost nothing of what the others say...



.10 / 2010 Collettiva/collective / “Erased Wall” / Berlin ConcentArt e.V. Kreuzberg Str. 28 / Berlin / /

.01 / 2009 Personale/solo exposition / “Il muro dei muri” Melting Plot - Festival dei Diritti Umani / Teatro Europa / Parma / a cura di/curator Alessandra Minervini @ Scuola Holden_Torino